Infectosan is a highly effective - intrinsically safe sanitising solution offering a wide range of applications. With its main chemical ingredient being HOCl, this new sanitising solution provides a strong alternative to heavy-duty chemical disinfectants and sanitisers. HOCl (Hypochlorous acid) is generated from electro-chemical activation of salt water and has the proven effectiveness in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses quickly and safely.

HOCL is an oxidant made naturally by white blood cells in all mammals including the human body to heal and provide protection against infections. Infectosan products are completely safe for humans and the environment as HOCl isn't harmful, irritating or toxic.

It is so gentle that its FDA approved and commonly used in the medical industry for use in wound and eye care products as well as general disinfectants. With regular sanitising becoming a new part of everyday life it is natural to have concerns over harmful chemicals and Infectosan provides a safer alternative with the same efficacy as other general sanitisers and disinfectants. With this adult, kid, pet and plant friendly product range you can disinfect, fog and sanitise without worry.


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