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Symphony Small Sanitary Bin Flat Lid 


Product code00083(SS) 00083-DE(Black)
Dimensions (h/w/d)315mm x 290mm x 170mm
FinishStainless steel & Mild steel powder coated
Capacity18.6 Liters
ConsumablesSee Interlude Sundry Range

Sanitary bins are an essential feature in any washroom or bathroom environment for the hygienic disposal of non-flushable waste material. Our bins are an attractive addition that matches with the rest of the range of products. 

- Robust high impact steel body
- Chamfered front body to match the rest of the range
- Recess punches for even space mounting
- Plugs and mounting screws included
- Suggested mounting heights:
Woman 150mm Disabled 150mm

- Steel folded to the back with proper welds for a more robust body
- Removable inner liner bar and lid for easy preparation of liner
- Quality grade steel provides durability
- Easy installation
- Secure flat lid fit with round knob and sight cover creating a sealed
  area to avoid odours and seeing unsightly waste

The below consumables is compatible with this dispenser

Interlude Sundry Higi-San Sani Bin Pouch

Product code: 00393

A  pouch containing sanitizer that acts as a powerful deodorizer. It neutralizes bacteria preventing bad odors and maintains freshness



To download the Product MSDS sheet please click below:


Interlude Sundry Higi-San Sani Bin Powder 5kg

Product code: 00939

A sanibin sanitising deodorizer in a white powder form, that kills bad odors and leaves a lasting lavender fragrance



To download the Product MSDS sheet please click below:


Interlude Sundry Sanitary Bin Bags Red P100

Product code: 00413

Contains 100 pieces




This product has a 24 months limited warranty

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